Get help to setup your mac OS operating system

with a mac technician.

Data Recovery

Do you need to recover deleted files in Mac OS X, such as critical business documents, music, photos or videos?

( Recovered 1O Go )


Do you need to update your mac?

Get support for setup the latest compatible version on your Mac.


Activation lockout, password lost, account locked, any problem on your Apple iCloud?

Data Recovery

Level 2

Do you need to recover

a lot of deleted files?

( recovered 30 Go )


Level 2

Many late versions?

The Level 2 Update is a support for downloading the latest compatible version for your Mac.

Mac support

Get 20 minutes with one of our mac Technician to fix some issues

Data Recovery

Level 3

Let us try to recover all data lost on your Mac computer hard drive.


Help for Printer - Software Installation..

Here is our mac configuration session.

Setup Level 2

Your mac is old and reinstalling your system needs to format your hard drive or get a new license.


iPhone, iPad down, blocked on the apple or needing restoration, get a private support just for you.

Clean your Mac

Mac run slowly?

infected by a malware or virus?

Get your mac clean 


Make an appointment with Mac Assistance 

(347) 535-4723 

Mac Assistance is a support center for Apple products. Private site separate from the Apple brand.

Mac Assistance provides support for remote troubleshooting of software and usage issues. In the event of a hardware problem requiring repair, we will advise you on the appropriate additional solutions.

* recovery in the majority of cases of more than 75% of lost data.

* Some Technicians have been or are certified by Apple

*Additional costs and services can be applied

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